Organic Coconut Oil, A Natural Sunscreen


How It Works

Instead of sunscreen, opt for Organic Coconut Oil. It has a natural SPF. You will tan, but not burn.

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Anyone who has delved into the world of wellness and holistic healing has no doubt come across the overwhelming number of articles highlighting the dangers of sunscreen. They are full of synthetic estrogens like Oxybenzone or Oxitoxinate. Environmental Working Group has a great guide when trying to choose among the many options. They rate brands and list which ingredients to avoid or rank their toxicity levels. And at times, I do opt for a non-nano zinc or titanium dioxide sunscreen, but mostly I just use coconut oil which surprisingly really works. I have even tested it in the heat of the Caribbean sun!


Also, FYI a study out of Sweden showed that avoiding the sun is as harmful as smoking. We need the suns rays for Vitamin D and I know how much being in the sun improves my mood. Also, I have learned that those who burn easily could also have a Vitamin B deficiency. There is a story that dates back to the early American Settlers who refused to learn from the Indians as to how to properly process corn before eating. They bypassed using "potash" and ground it into corn flour which resulted in B vitamin deficiencies and "red necks." Hence, the origin of the term!!


As we live in an age where we need to be cautious of chemicals, I have found organic coconut oil is the safest way to go.

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Jamie Ferrell
By Jamie Ferrell
940 - Ambassador
6 years ago

Thanks! I remember reading last summer that a Carribean island was asking tourists to refrain from using sunscreen with oxybenzone because the chemical is proven to be killing the reefs! Imagine what it does to us...

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