Remedies for Epstein Barr / Mononucleosis

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How It Works

We asked our instagram followers to share remedies that can help heal Epstein Barr or mononucleosis. Here's a roundup of the responses so far: 

thefunctionalhealthequation: Mono Laurin and lysine, combined with dry brushing and sauna if possible...

lefkowmom: Medical medium book by Anthony William has a section with lots of helpful advice regarding Epstein-barr virus

mieke_keppens: EBV is a tough one.

- Antiviral and anti-inflammatory herbs and supplements: zinc, licorice, echinacea, St. John’s wort, lauricidin (monolaurin), L-lysine, and lemon balm

- Immune-supportive foods: dark green leafy vegetables, carrots and sweet potatoes, dark blue berries, black berries, nuts and seeds, high quality protein, high quality bone broth.

jennifergregory_oilyessence: I have been researching this because three of my grandchildren have it right now. This is something I had never heard before, but I literally just read that "Hypoglycemia is a precursor and can render the body susceptible to the Epstein-Barr virus. Treat the hypoglycemia, and the symptoms of the Epstein-Barr virus may begin to disappear." Maybe that will help. My grands are being treated with antiviral essential oils and the Raindrop Technique because viruses like to hang out around the spine.

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These tips were crowdsourced in response to this instagram post, based on a community member's question. Need some advice? Ask away! We can feel, get, and be better – together.

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