Sleep deprived? Drink tart cherry juice before bed!

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How It Works

Within an hour of going to bed (but before you brush your teeth!) drink a small cup of tart cherry juice, which is packed with anti-oxidants and melatonin.

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I'm that person who's on her phone or laptop when she should be sleeping. Work + parenting + sleep deprivation = not a good combination. I've tried meditating before bed, which is lovely but doesn't put me to sleep. And if I try reading, I'll stay awake for as long as it takes to finish the book. A friend tipped me off to drinking tart cherry juice an hour or so before getting into bed, and I've been doing it now for 2 weeks. And ... voila! I go to sleep. Here's a link to the research.


Note that you want to get pure tart cherry juice that doesn't have any added sugar. Health food stores and even several mainstream grocers carry it.

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By Shawn
15 - Community Member
5 years ago

I’ve also found that a magnesium supplement or drink also provides me a perfect night of sleep. Will give tart cherry drink a try as well! Thanks for sharing.

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