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Easy Neither easy
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Last week I bought a re-issue of George Harrison’s 1973 album titled “Living in the Material World”. An avid vinyl fan and user, unlike some purists out there who prefer original pressings, I have no problem buying a re-issue as the vinyl is brand new and will sound even better in my opinion. And, generally speaking, the original packaging is all re-produced. In this case, the record comes with beautiful sleeves and a full size 14-page booklet with color photos and lyrics [to all the youth out there who don’t know vinyl and the experience it brings, its not too late!] My kids, now 18 and 14, knew vinyl from birth [cue the big bird record player I bought on ebay]. But what brings me here, now is how pleasantly surprised I was when I heard the first cut on Side A. I had forgotten how powerful and positive this tune is which is called “Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth). George being the most spiritual of the 4 lads from Liverpool, had touched on these themes on earlier work including “My Sweet Lord” from his first 4 LP solo project “All Things Must Pass”. So this was nothing new. But what was new, was my reaction to it while listening today. At the very least, I felt better. At the best, I felt brighter. “Give Me Love, give me love, give me peace on Earth, Give me light, give me life, Keep me free from birth. Help me cope, with this heavy load – Trying to touch and reach you with, heart and soul.” For the music lover, I recommend adding this to your daily playlist. To the mantra lover, I recommend letting these sounds open your heart. I think music is incredibly powerful and can act is a wonderful mantra during a tough day or can act as a powerful meditation before facing the day.


“Om My Lord.”

Thank you George



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Mara Landis
By Mara Landis
1445 - Community Leader
6 years ago

We at Nutmeg Aspirin completely agree and will add it to our Feel, Get, Be Better playlist on Spotify!! Here is the link:

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