Stop a cut from bleeding


How It Works



Get a brown paper bag. Cut a thin strip long enough to go twice around the cut Wrap the strip around the cut and hold it with pressure for a few minutes. It usually will stay on by itself or tape it. 


Then take off the paper. Voila. The blood coagulates and no more bleeding. 


Depending on the depth of the cut this may need to be repeated to get the wound to completely stop bleeding and close

What You’ll Need

  • Brown paper bag
  • Tape


Easy Neither easy
nor hard


When I was about 7 years old my mother asked me to open a can of planters peanuts that had one of those “pull off ring tops”. As I pulled, the thin metal top sliced across 3 of my fingers. The cuts weren’t that deep, but were bleeding profusely....and of course I was hysterical. One of mothers guests ran to the pantry, grabbed a brown grocery bag, ripped off  3 strips and wrapped each tightly around each finger and told me to relax and sit still. Since the cuts were fairly deep, the first wrap had to be removed and a second round applied. After about 10 minutes, the bleeding had completely stopped. Hands were washed, bandaids applied and nuts were eaten

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