Symptoms to Identify Tartar Buildup in Teeth

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The healthy gums look firm and appear in pale pink. The Tartar is not at all painful, this is the reason people don’t pay much attention to it and they ignore thinking that it will be wash away by cleaning teeth properly regularly. 

But, this is not the case as a Tartar doesn’t go easily once they are formed on the tooth. Well, there are few symptoms which can help you identify your calculus buildup on your teeth. Have a look at the most common one

  • The tartar can be in pale yellow color which can start getting visible on your tooth.
  • Sometimes it is colorless and not visible to a naked eye.
  • The gums bleed even when you brush them gently
  • The gums turn tender with time and one can feel it by touching them
  • Sometimes the gums can swell
  • Bad breath 
  • Or, mouth sores

For following a good oral dental and to maintain your oral hygiene, you must visit your dentist after every 6 months for a routine dental checkup. 

When sometimes the tartar is not visible to you, a professional dentist can help as they use dental mirrors for finding the tartar in your tooth and scrape the same with a dental scaler. 

If you are looking out for the ways or want to know how to remove Tartar from teeth at home, try staining your teeth by using tartar disclosing tablets that are available at every medical store.

With the best help of these tablets, exposing tartar can best help you to identify their exact formation. This way you can also brush and floss better in these places at home for removing them easily. 

Before jumping down to the process of Tartar removal, it is important to know why you should be aware of how to remove Tartar and why is it important?

Tartar removal is important for preventing different health issues. As per the dental association of America, the tartar buildup causes the gums to bleed and swell. This dental condition is termed as gingivitis in the medical term, it is the starting stage of a serious periodontal disease.

This disease is linked to the increased risk of strokes and the coronary artery. The tartar and bacteria from it can find their way into your bloodstream that can give rise to serious health conditions like endocarditis where the heart’s inner lining can be infected and blood clots may occur. 

Preventing Tartar development at home

There are two basic methods of removing tartar from your tooth. Make use of mechanical flossing and brushing for removing calculus and exposing it to anti-bacterial ingredients for killing them to stop them from growing back. 


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