3 Ways to Increase Your Happiness Levels

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How It Works

Happiness is one of the greatest intangibles anyone can ever have in this world. It is the one thing everyone is looking for, yet it can be quite so elusive. Most people think that happiness is about accomplishments, success and money. However, when most people get this, they still feel shallow and wanting something more. Happiness is a state of mind. A state of mind which can be amplified or reduced significantly by the things we are doing. There are a couple of ways you can increase your levels of happiness.

Joy in the simplest things

When you ask most people what they think would make them happy, they would probably say some very big things such as getting that promotion at work, getting a million dollars and so on. However, if this is the model we are using, then finding sustainable happiness will be a very daunting task. As such, finding joy in the little things is a better, more sure way of living a full, happy life! Appreciating the small moments in life goes a long way in boosting your happiness. Since life is filled with small amazing moments all around us, you will find that you are easily more overjoyed and you also have little expectations and therefore not easy to be disappointed when some things don’t come through the way you wanted them to.

Quality sleep

Under Maslow’s hierarchy, sleep is described as a crucial physiological need. This means contrary to what most people think, sleep is not a luxury but instead, a necessity. Most people will often go to bed late and wake up early in the morning siting the need to be productive. Although you might attain said productivity for a while, it tends to erode on your happiness little by little. You will find yourself being moody, lacking the proper focus to get things done and being generally grumpy. A great night of sleep is crucial to raising your levels of happiness and keeping them there. In fact, quality sleep is essential in balancing the hormone levels in the body and also helping the brain recover. This means putting in about 7 hours of continuous sleep every night.

Being kind

In a world where people have become ever more selfish and self-serving, kindness is a virtue that is seemingly going out of style. Most people only think about themselves and how they will make themselves happy. While it’s possible to focus entirely on yourself and your needs, it’s unlikely that it will make you any much happier. The solution here is to care for others just as much. In a society where thousands need help in various ways, you can always take a step to helping and getting people to smile. This means you can volunteer in places where the people need your help and can’t really pay for it. The acts of kindness not only warm your soul, but also help someone who is in a less fortunate situation.

Happiness is something we all deserve. When you take a moment to do the things highlighted above, you will feel your levels of happiness increasing every day and with it, a sense of pride and love. 


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