4-7-8 Breath Helps with Sleep and Relaxation

Photo by Andalucía Andaluía on Unsplash

How It Works

Breathe in for 4 counts. Hold for 7 counts. Exhale for 8. Repeat 4 times.

Total amount of time: 76 seconds.

Here is a video by Dr. Andrew Weil. I learned this trick from him.



What You’ll Need

  • Nothing!


Easy Neither easy
nor hard


I saw Dr. Weil's video online. One night I was having trouble sleeping and decided to try it and...it worked! Since then, it is my "go to" when my mind is racing and I have a hard time settling into sleep.

But I also use it when I am nervous. I recently stood up to ask a question in front of a large audience and all of a sudden felt a wave of anxiety. As I waited my turn at the microphone, I did the 4-7-8 breath and it immediately calmed me and brought me back to balance.

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Christine Gebhard
By Christine Gebhard
95 - Community Member
10 months ago

Thanks, Mara, for sharing this tip & the video! Reminds me of the breathing technique by Dr Shioya, which I really like but is a bit more complex.