Singing Bowls can Shift a Bad Mood


How It Works

Think of the body as an energy that vibrates. When the body is tense, anxious or angry, the body's vibration is low. It is like you feel "non-harmonious". And vice versa-- when you are happy or feel more in harmony, the body's vibration is higher. So it makes sense that if you raise your vibration, you can elevate your mood.


Simply listen to the crystal singing bowls. They are so easy to use. Rub the mallet along the rim of the bowl and it will produce a beautiful sound. Breathe and relax into the sound and know that what is really happening as you listen, is an alignment between your body's vibration and the frequency of the bowls. The effect? Your vibration is raised and the bad mood fades away.


For scientific research on how sound frequencies can impact water molecules (our bodies are comprised of water!), read up on Dr. Masara Emoto and his experiments on water.

What You’ll Need

  • Crystal Singing Bowl


Easy Neither easy
nor hard


Years ago I was very angry about a bullying situation going on with my middle son at school. The same day the incident happened, I was with my youngest at a cognitive behavioral therapist. At the end of the session, he had my youngest lie down while he played a variety of singing bowls. Since I was in the room, he had me lie down as well. Afterwards I noticed that not only was I relaxed, but the anger I had been feeling was gone. It was incredible. My mood had completely shifted!


I went out and bought two bowls and whenever my kids are overly stressed or the mood seems off, I play them and things shift.

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