Bless Away Crippling Emotions

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How It Works

The blessing technique is simple. Get a sense of what you are feeling. Is it anger? Sadness? Worry? Anxiety? Numbness? Whatever the emotion is, simple say as a mantra over and over again, "I bless my anger. I bless my anger..." OR " I bless my sadness. I bless my sadness..." You can do this while meditating or while walking down the street, driving a car, etc. By consciously embracing the "emotion" rather than resisting the feeling as we typically do, the feeling dissipates. I have found this technique the easiest and most transformative tool I have ever used. The shift is profound and fast!

What You’ll Need

  • Focused intent


Easy Neither easy
nor hard


I was taught this technique by an amazing spiritual healer, Jenny Lethbridge. Jenny and I met 11 years ago when I had hit rock bottom from my mold related illness. I look back on my first session with her, as my wake up. During that session, as jenny stood on the other side of the room deep in meditation, I felt something intangible physically touch me. It was an energy current that ripped through my body. When she told me I could open my eyes, I immediately felt like a weight or cloud had been lifted. Something within me had shifted and my quest to learn everything I could about healing the mind, body and spirit was ignited.


Jenny works by projecting energy that facilitates the release of toxic emotions. She says it is like peeling away the layers of an onion. As you release the emotions that are the root cause of so many illnesses and struggles, life becomes easier and more vibrant. Or another way of thinking about it is, she helps to raise your vibration.


Nothing is a quick fix. This is true of ANY and EVERY healer or practitioner. Life struggles, illness, chronic conditions take years to manifest and resolving them does not happen over night. While healers can alleviate or release the intensity sometimes instantly, feelings will resurface if you do not then continue to do the work on yourself. Health can not be delegated nor can your spiritual/energetic work. This is where Jenny has been extra helpful as over the years she has provided me with a basket of tools/techniques that I can use myself to feel, get and be better.


Recently, Jenny has been encouraging her clients to use the "blessing technique." She explains that so often we choose to ignore our more challenging feelings. We push them deep inside. We resist. But by blessing the feeling, we acknowledge the feeling and by acknowledging the feeling, we accept the feeling. It is this acceptance that then enables the body, mind and soul to break down the emotion and let it go.


Blessing my fear or anger or whatever the feeling that is surfacing is my "go to." This technique is soooooo easy and it really works.


For those interested in Jenny, her website is I feel very empowered that I can heal myself, but often it takes a great teacher to teach you how, to understand what is most pressing or why I am feeling a certain way. Jenny's gift aside from the most pure, beautiful, light filled energy, is her ability to see within your soul. To know exactly what is going on without telling the long complicated tale of how you got to where you are at that moment. She just knows. She is also incredibly effective at enhancing whatever healing work or modality you may be using. As my mother says, working with Jenny is like 10 years of therapy in one hour.

What do you think?

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By wayofthepeacefulwarrior
110 - Explorer
6 years ago

I used this already today- it is wonderful and so effective. Thank you. I have worked w Jenny as well but never knew this technique. love it

Alison Baker
By Alison Baker
70 - Community Member
7 years ago

"What we resist persists." Thank you for sharing this. The blessing exercise has been transformational in my life, I have become much more aware of my feelings, and rather than push them down, by acknowledging and blessing the emotions I have experienced great relief. I feel more present in my day to day life because I am not blocking out the things I don't want to feel. Thank you thank you thank you!!

Robin Katz
By Robin Katz
45 - Community Member
7 years ago

I felt that this practice, initially recommended by Jenny, helped me to bring my attention to the emotion I was feeling which was sadness. By bringing my attention to it and recognizing it for what it was instead of shying away from or denying it I felt that I had been given permission to accept it and embrace it without having to treat it as my enemy but rather just part of my process.

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