A natural foods shake that's vegan and makes me happy

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How It Works

I am not a vegan but what motivated me to share Brigitte's natural food shakes, is that I no longer have easy access to it because I live outside the usa!

And I wanted to share what works about the shake and give you the link if you want to get a sample of it here:



Brigitte who created the megaway shake was a sugar addict and in her process of discovering natural herbs and how they heal, she saw the need for a powerfoods shake that could make people want to be healthy.


She originally used rice protein powder or organic whey, but ultimately went to seeds powder: hemp, pumpkin seed and sunflower seed powder and why?

Because the seed powders had the lowest radiation levels and were more easily digested by most people.


I've heard from a lot of nutritionists that more and more people are just not digesting grains and dairy well anymore.

But the plant proteins from hemp, pumpkin seed and other seeds are universally well received.


I also could never really digest pea protein, and even though I hear some people love pea protein, the seed proteins are more delicious, mix better and give my tummy an all round happy feeling.


Here is a link to the ingredients in Brigitte's megaway shake: https://megawayshakes.com/ingredients/

And below I've added some of my favorite ingredients to add with it.


Why does the shake work? There's a unique combination of mind power herbs and herbs that boost emotional BALANCE.

When you're addicted to sugar or chaos, these herbs are awesome for stabilizing your hormonal system which directly affects your mood and emotions.

The ones in Brigitte's shakes that are particularly balancing are turmeric, cinnamon, ashwaganda and cacao.

These natural foods are good for mood and brain function and blood flow.


What You’ll Need


Easy Neither easy
nor hard


Since I no longer live in the usa, I spend my time attempting to replicate the formula Brigitte has created - and I've learnt alot about how to mix ingredients to give a natural boost....but....it's just not Brigitte's megaway formula!

You can try a free sample here https://megawayshakes.com/shop/free-to-try-our-shake/


I started using the shakes because I had energy lows from underactive thyroid. I was always looking for protein - but never seemed to have enough.

With Brigitte's megaway shake, I was able to stabilize my appetite, eat less sugar and naturally desire more healthy food.

Plus I was in a good mood from the moment I had the shake at the beginning of the day - which is always a good way to start the day!


This shake is meant to be mixed in a good blender to process some of the more grittier items (like cacao nibs) and to get the best taste its best with added fruit (or vegetables) and almond milk if you like that.

So some people want a shake that you just add water - and this is not one of those.

But if you like to have a really whole food start to your day and looking for an alternative to rice protein and whey - this shake is definitely worth a try.




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