NOURISH your body & ELEVATE your VITALITY smoothie

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How It Works

As a busy professional, I needed a go to recipe that tastes phenomenal, is nourishing, nutrient dense, simple to create and free from any of the foods that I'm sensitive to. This is so tasty, creamy and refreshing and it keeps me satiated for hours, with significant energy and brain power to function optimally.

ADD Sequentially and then Blenderize:

*1.5 cups of Califia Farms Almond Milk, Coconut Milk or other Dairy Free Milk

*2 Tablespoons of Raw Organic Hemp Seeds

*2 Tablespoons of Omega Nutrition Organic Chilled and Milled Flax Seeds

*½ Teaspoon Herb Pharm Maca Root Powder

*2 Tablespoons Organic Chia seeds reconstituted in Almond Milk; 3 Tablespoons of Chia for each 1 Cup Almond milk, (makes several servings… keep refrigerated) 

*¾ cup of Organic fresh or frozen blueberries... local and fresh are so delicious. You may opt to use another berry, that works too!

*½ frozen Organic Banana

*11 Leaves of Organic Spinach, this will add nutrition without creating a dominant spinach flavor!

*For those of you with sensitivity to Spinach, you may choose Cilantro sprigs for a green refreshing twist. I add 3.

*For those of you that seek/tolerate a naturally sweeter option, just add 1 cut up Medjool Date.

What You’ll Need

  • Any blender with a smoothie or frozen drink option will work, it does not need to be superturbo charged!


Easy Neither easy
nor hard
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I have recovered from Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, circa the year 2000, at a time when not too many people were clinically adept at diagnosing it! Well, being a family nurse practitioner and a clinical hypnotherapist, I've learned to pay attention to patterns; (feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and physiology) not just for my clients, but also for myself. I felt awful, and with the help of my insightful dermatologist, discovered no more gluten in my life was a smart solution. Significant relief happened after 3 weeks and continues to this day! I've eliminated a lot of other foods since then too. In addition, I've been following a plant based diet for 44 years and to that end, I'm continually fine tuning the food sensitivities that I've developed. I can tolerate hemp, chia, and flax, but don't do too well with whole nuts or seeds. I needed something to sustain me while at work and it had to be convenient and feel healthy and nutrient dense for optimal regulation of my blood sugar and my ability to function for long hours without interruption... especially while working with clients. I naturally chose berries because they are so convenient and then began adding things that would give the smoothie more body. VOILA, after lots of experimentation, I have created this spectacular drink that has the consistency I reach for eagerly every morning. It will allow you to feel so satiated that you may attend to your mind, your spirit and your work in the world with focus. Want to know more about solution oriented hypnotherapy? WWW.LISAFGEIGER.COM

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