CBD How and Why it Works...

CBD How and Why it Works

How It Works

I just responded to someone else on this great community who also had a question about CBD. What you want to remember about CBD are these core facts.

  1. CBD is a non-psychoactive ingredient. In and of itself, there is no "high" that can happen from this ingredient alone -- only in combination with the "other" cannabinoid called THC.
  2. CBD is NOT the same as THC and does not develop in the hemp plants (which are still part of the cannabis species). CBD and THC are entirely different cannabinoids (the name of the group of chemicals that naturally occur in both the cannabis and hemp plants). Sometimes people just say "cannabis" when they are referring to the general species, so make sure to ask if the CBD is hemp or cannabis derived. Products coming out of Colorado and California, for example, are "legal CBD" but really only in their states unless they say "hemp derived" (there's more to it, but I wrote a book on CBD so check it out if you want to know more. It's called The ABC's of CBD: The Essential Guide for Parents (And regular folks too) which teaches "Why Pot Is NOT What We Were Taught."
  3. CBD is largely effective because of its anti-inflammatory properties. The body's "perfect" response to stimulus of Any kind usually results in some form of inflammation - that's the reason our bodies' get out of whack in so many various ways. The shared symptomatology of all underlying health (physical and mental) is inflammation. Taking CBD over time doesn't just reduce symptoms for one aspect of why and where the body is showing signs of inflammation -- but actually allows the body to ease back into a state of homeostasis. Imagine a bubble bath kind of relaxed feeling throughout your entire system: neurological, respiratory, digestive, muscular, etc. Doesn't that sound awesome?
  4. In NY and still (unfortunately) most CBD is not legal if derived from cannabis. However, CBD from hemp IS legal IF the source materials are from a farm that is authorized and attached to a higher institution of learning and a state agricultural department.
  5. CBD has NO side effects and NO contraindications which means no matter what else you're taking or put into your body, the CBD will not interfere. That's the beauty of this ingredient. Can you think of anything natural, herbal, or medical that can boast that? Nope. Not really. Even certain herbs can't just be "taken" with wild abandon.
  6. CBD is something our bodies are naturally designed to receive through our endocannabinoid receptor system. That's why it works on so many different types of people with so many different types of ailments. In one family alone on my products, it has helped with PMS, migraines, anxiety, depression, seizures, blood sugar issues, etc. Pretty nifty, isn't it?
  7. How quickly it "works," how long you need to take it and at what "dosage" you should be on, are a bit trickier points to answer. There are recommendations, but in my experience, those are too general to be of much use. Every person is different and the changes in their physical, physiological, emotional, and even spiritual systems take some deeper questions and patience.


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I am an author, speaker, advocate & educator...


I am an author, speaker, advocate and entrepreneur in the CBD space. I joyfully jump on my soapbox shouting loudly and proudly for all things natural wellness, holistic parenting and personal empowerment. My book is coming out on an. 2nd on Amazon, but I am here for you right now, if you wish to pick my brain. My products were developed by one of the world's top (very few) master cultivators, master grower and endocannabinoid scientist. Most of the "big" companies actually hire him to consult but only one farm has his actual plants... ours. They were developed for 5 years before a single one was planted in the ground in Colorado. Remember, not all CBD is equal. All should have CERTAIN things, like verifiable third-party testing, and honestly, the proof is how it looks, tastes, and most importantly, how it makes you feel. Every physical body is really unique so what happens for one person cannot be expected necessarily to work for someone else. However that being said, really good products have really good results... it's just a matter of time.


If you want to check out all the funky things I do, have tried, and know (including my work as a Certified Past Life Repressionist) visit: ShiraAdler.com And I LOVE being social: @The1ShiraAdler. My company is @ShiraSynergy ~ ShiraSynergy.com. Also, I warmly invite you to join my FB group: The ABC's of CBD!


You can also learn more about me on my Amazon author page. Happy to help however I'm able.

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