Easing nausea during chemo


How It Works

There are a lot of medications and home remedies to help with a queasy stomach from chemo (or anything that causes it). After several rough chemo treatments, I learned some tricks to ease the discomfort:

I didn't drink carbonated beverages at least 24 hours before treatment and avoided those type of drinks for a few days after treatment ended too

I started sucking on lemon drops and ginger drops the morning of chemo, then continued until a few hours after the IV ended.


What You’ll Need

  • Lemon/ginger drop hard candies


Easy Neither easy
nor hard


Nausea is an unfortunate, common side effects of chemo drugs. I spent most of my 13 months of treatment for bone cancer feeling nauseous. While I was offered IV anti-nausea meds, I also learned some tips to help prevent or ease it before it got bad. While some chemo drugs still caused me to be ill, these simple tricks made it a bit easier to manage.

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