Cayenne for Heart Health

Photo by Min Ling on Unsplash

How It Works

I Am 54 and according to my doctor, I have the heart of a 17 year old.

Every morning I add one scoop of Health Quest Organic Greens to a glass of water with a shake of cayenne pepper and lemon juice.

The key is the cayenne pepper. I started adding cayenne at the advice of an intuitive healer. She said it "moves the blood." As it was so simple and benign, I figured, why not? And I actually like the kick it gives my morning drink.

I recently went to my cardiologist, and according to him, my tests show I have the heart of a 17 year old. ( FYI- I do not take a statin, but have a family history of heart disease).

I exercise. I try to eat well, although I love sweets which I know can cause inflammation and heart issues, but I ingest cayenne daily. I can only deduce that it is actually helping.


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