Essiac Tea Helps Kill Cancer Cells and Boost Immune System


How It Works

For a fairly inexpensive product, essiac tea has many benefits including a natural cancer fighter, anti-inflammatory, detoxing the body, improving the immune system, improves gut health, improves sleep, increases appetite in emaciated persons, etc.

Essiac is a product that is composed of four or more herbs, two of which — Sheep Sorrel and Burdock Root — are known to kill cancer cells. The other two herbs build the immune system and deal with detox and protecting the organs. An additional 4 herbs were added later for added health benefits. Like blessed thistle, kelp, red clover, and watercress.


What You’ll Need


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I have been researching natural ways of healing after being in emergency medicine for approximately 30 years. In paramedic class we were taught to start 2 large bore IVs when a patient presented with signs & symptoms of a heart attack or stroke and administer TPA, a clot buster. BUT in the paramedic manual 4 paragraphs later, it said, the same results could be achieved with a 2 cent - 325 mg. aspirin, vs. $2,000.00 TPA. My passion in life is helping people feel better and saving them money at the same time.

For some great testimonials about Essiac teas, link here.

For a great video, link here.

For those people fighting cancer or another disease that you think essiac tea could help, but can not afford it, I will make it available to you for free.

Your only cost is about $7 for shipping. This is being made available by my friend Bryan Paulhus, the owner of this company

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