An alkaline smoothie keeps me from getting hungry


How It Works

Ever since my wife got cancer a couple years back, we learned how to make a smoothie to alkalanize our body every day. We went on to make a film called Cancer Can Be Killed on Amazon Prime Videos. And one of the points in the film was that the daily smoothie was the major thing that kept her cancer from coming back. (It had been killed naturally in Germany, but started barely coming back so we new we had to jump on the nutrition.) But for me, the smoothie has been a way to keep me going all morning without getting that craving and physical letdown of the old bacon and eggs or pancakes. I'll have some yogurt with fruit and granola, the smoothie and a picky bar and I'm good to go til 1 PM. That's like 5 hours of non stop energy. It's crazy because I was always a big bread and meat guy and that just doesn't do it for me anymore.

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Rob Liano
By Rob Liano
15 - Community Member
6 years ago

This sounds very interesting but where are the ingredient amounts? Do you use 4 oz of each then add fruit? What size is one serving?

A recipe of this type (beneficial to health) should not be vague. Please update it if possible.


Jeff Witzeman
By Jeff Witzeman
40 - Community Member
6 years ago

Well said Rob, here's a link to more specifics. :)

Jamie Ferrell
By Jamie Ferrell
940 - Ambassador
6 years ago

Wow! I've never put kombucha in a smoothie. Gonna try. Also can't wait to check out your doco!

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