Fast 1x/Week for Optimal Health

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How It Works

I follow the program by Brad Pilon called "Eat Stop Eat." I fast every Sunday night from about 8pm to the following Monday at about 6pm. Sometimes I shorten it to 18-20 hours if needed, or I change the day of the week if I have a work event scheduled on Monday. It's flexible and helps me in many ways. You can still drink water, tea, black coffee, or zero-calorie drinks if you're desperate, but the key is to stay away from food.

What You’ll Need

  • Water
  • willpower


Easy Neither easy
nor hard


I'm a former personal trainer and got really interested in intermittent fasting while trying to preserve muscle mass and lose body fat. It turns out that IF has a whole host of other benefits. Check them out, along with the program I use, here:

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