Foods That Improve Memory Function

Foods That Improve Memory Function

How It Works

We asked our Instagram followers to share their tips on dietary changes that can help improve memory function (especially for someone who has been diagnosed with a degenerative disease). Here's a roundup of the responses so far: 

  • jamie.ferrell: I’ve read that walnuts can help!
  • dreaming_about_this_: Rosemary can support memory and focus. There are studies showing Rosemary Essential Oil can increase memory retention and it has been used in nursing homes.
  • rliker_rd: Extra virgin olive oil, salmon/omega 3 fatty acids, blueberries - studies show they can prevent and reduce symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s
  • justine.low30: Brazil nuts!!! They contain selenium which has proven to safe guard against diseases such as Alzheimer’s, various cancers and even helps to lower bad cholesterol.
  • justine.low30: In addition (not food but health related) studies show that those who keep their minds active with cerebral pursuits such as daily crossword puzzles, playing bridge or simply reading books, have decreased odds of developing such diseases. 🙏
  • nyla.z: MCT oil or coconut oil
  • wellness_chikk: Yes! Do a pineal gland detox.
  • lisaaaaladay: An avocado a day! Also, I read a good article about PQQ w/coq10- @drmercola - I started taking it, every other day, and my focus is so much better, less scatter brained and yes remembering better, energy is up too. Best to research before taking tho, some people have had minor side effects, so far so good for me tho- only every other day tho.
  • wellness_chikk: @nutmeg.aspirin yes. No aluminum pans, canned foods, tin foil etc.. nothing with aluminum. Eat mostly plant based as much as possible. Cut as much meat, dairy and processed foods as possible. Drink as much alkaline water as you can. Heavy metals accumulate in the brain and calcify your pineal gland which is a main cause for Alzheimer’s. If you go on Pinterest you can find a lot of info about the pineal gland detox or ph diet, both would be beneficial. ☺️
  • laurenrashap: The brain of 60% fat, so foods like avocado, wild caught salmon nourish the mind and the memory. Follow me on Lauren Rashap for more mind bending health tips!
  • ronnie_bubbles_88: High Vit C,try Kimberley Wild Gubinge from Western Australia,the highest food source in the world. Helps with iron absorption.
  • heidisloane: I've read that regular coffee consumption can reduce the risk of Alzheimers and delay its onset


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These tips were crowdsourced in response to this instagram post, based on a community member's question. Need some advice? Ask away! We can feel, get, and be better – together.

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