Glass Jar Hot Compress that Stays HOT

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How It Works

Take an empty baby food jar. Boil water and fill the jar. Screw the lid on tight. Then wrap it in three layers of paper towels. This last step is very important because the paper towels protect you from getting burnt. Now apply the compress wherever needed. As the water cools, peel off a layer of the paper towels. The compress will stay hot for 45 minutes!!

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I have had two styes in my eye in the last two months. The first one took a month to go away. My doctor told me to keep applying hot compresses several times a day for at least 15 minutes. I tried compressing, but my hot towel got cold after a few minutes as did my tea bag and everything else I tried. I took long hot showers, I tried to stand at the sink for 15 minutes several times a day, but "tried" is the operative word. Mostly I did not compress enough because compressing was annoying! And my stye did not go away for a long time.


Then I got my second stye and serendipitously, that night we had dinner plans with a friend who is an eye surgeon. Thanks to my friend, he shared the best hot compress, baby jar tip which I did with success. My stye cleared up in days!! IT REALLY WORKS!

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melanie sloane
By melanie sloane
100 - Explorer
6 years ago

Mara, Since I do not have baby food jars, I need to buy the glass jars. Do yu recommend 2oz or 4oz jars?

Mara Landis
By Mara Landis
1445 - Community Leader
6 years ago

Just buy a jar of baby food and empty it. Or any small glass jar will do. For the eye it needs to be small so you can apply it where you need heat. If it is too big it will be hard to get the heat on the right spot.

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