How to Beat Sugar Cravings

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One of our community members asked for tips on beating her sugar cravings (she mentioned that she's postpartum and breastfeeding). We got some great responses from our community members, here on our site and on instagram too. Here are some of the tips:

cristijayo: Fruit! Nature’s candy 🍇= 🍭

mara.landis: Nut butters! Also a diluted shot of Apple Cider Vinegar helps.

Nicole Eckert: Switch to natural sweeteners only such as maple syrup, honey and coconut sugar. Also be sure to include healthy carbohydrates such as sweet potato and squashes. Limit your intake of fruits (berries are ok). It takes a few days of serious cravings, but your body will balance out!! Satisfy with healthy fats, try making some avocado pudding or energy bites with coconut oil!

Heidi Sloane: Nuts! Carry them in a little bag in a purse. An almond and walnut mix is my go-to. You might also play around with baking some guilt-free, sugar-free desserts and keep them on hand for when the craving strikes. I like to make oatmeal cookies and whole grain banana bread (the bananas are sweet enough!). And if you're craving chocolate – try combining melted coconut oil, cacao and a little stevia or honey (or whatever sweetner you're okay with eating). It smears nicely on a rice cake, tortilla or toast.

Nicole Re: I too craved sugar while breast feeding. My belief was that I needed it because of the amount my baby was eating. I would make smoothie bowls with a little stevia and some berries. I would make energy bites with cashews, dates and shredded coconut. I would make cacao hot chocolate with stevia. Banana "nice cream". I kept it in moderation, but at least I knew I was fueling myself with nutrients while tending to the craving. Also, I know its an old saying and sometimes its hard, but sleep when ever you get a chance. Sugar cravings increase when your tired. Your body is asking for energy as you mentioned. Just honor that with new mom hood comes exhaustion. This time goes by quick... You will be able to get back to (somewhat) normal schedule as they get older. Your a great Mama wanting to be the healthiest version of yourself for your little nugget. Just take it slow. 

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These tips were crowdsourced in response to a community member's question (and the instagram post that went along with it). If you are looking for advice or suggestions, ask away! (You can even post questions anonymously if you'd like.)

We can feel, get, and be better – together.

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