Raspberry Leaf Tea Helps Ease PMS

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How It Works

Note: Many women also use this remedy during pregnancy, as raspberry leaf is widely known for its benefits to the female reproductive system. However, consult with a medical professional if ingesting it during the first trimester, as there is still some discussion around the herb's use during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Pour hot water (6-8 oz) over 3-5 raspberry leaves (yup, just the leaf from a raspberry plant). If you're buying raspberry leaf, use a teaspoon-tablespoon depending on how strong you like it. Allow it to steep for 3-5 minutes (covered) and drink.

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I used to attend a New Moon Circle at a women's empowerment center called Shakti in the Mountains. The owner of the center was undergoing training in Appalachian herbalism, and she shared this tip with us. We made tea with her and drank it while working on new moon manifestations. It's been a go-to for me since then!

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Jennifer Howard Kessler
By Jennifer Howard Kessler
50 - Community Member
6 years ago

After I gave birth I had a little bit of a problem when I coughed, laughed, and ran. I would pee just a little bit, ugh! The raspberry leaf tea fixed me right up, no problem now. :-)

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