Two tips to help you get rid of unwanted thoughts and emotions.

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How It Works

When I am feeling down, or just can’t stop thinking about something that is bothering me, I will do one of two things: listen to mantras, or meditate. Here are my suggestions:

1stListen to a great uplifting Mantra. I love Kundalini Mantras, so I put them on my iphone to help break that vicious cycle. Man means Mind, Tra means vehicle so Mantras are vehicles for the mind. If you listen to an uplifting mantra, your mood will change. Check out mantras like: Mul Mantra, Kal Akaal, and Chattr Chakkr are mantras available online in many different versions.

2ndMeditation for Unwanted Thoughts – this meditation thought by Yogi Bhajan help clean our subconscious mind. It is easy to do, takes a few minutes and no experience needed. Click here to see how to do it.

Hope this helps you, any question let me know.

Love to all , Light to all  and Peace all, Sat Nam.



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Mara Landis
By Mara Landis
1445 - Community Leader
5 years ago

I love this!! I too use mantras. I often listen to You can search the mantras by topic— fear, anxiety, peace, calm, joy, prosperity etc... whatever resonates.

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