Alternate Nostril Breathing can improve your insomnia.


How It Works

Have you ever had trouble sleeping? This is a very simple but very powerful breathing technique. It creates a sense of well-being and balance on every level. It is a great technique to do before going to bed or you can do it after any stressful situation so you can bring yourself back to balance.

Here it is how you do it:

1. Sit comfortable position, spine straight, relax the shoulder and make Gyan Mudra with your left hand (index finger touching the thumb).

2. With your right hand thumb, please close the right nostril, and you will inhale long and deep using only the left nostril.

3. Then, please close your left nostril with your little finger, and exhale completely through the right nostril.

4. If it is comfortable to you, close your eyes, and focus the eyeballs in the point between your eyebrows and continue inhaling through the left nostril, and exhaling through the right nostril.

6. Try that for 1, 2 or even better 3 minutes.

Check out for the Alternate Nostril Breathing video on my YouTube channel here. Every Wednesday, I post new free meditation or breathing techniques (pranayam) online.

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Daniela Mattos

Founder of Yogi Mommy LLC


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