Use Clove Oil to Numb Your Gums

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How It Works

Apply clove oil to a Q-tip and rub on your gums when irritated or prior to receiving Novocain. The clove oil works to reduce inflammation and it also acts as a numbing agent so the Novocain shot does not hurt. In fact, you barely feel the shot!


Also, while I did not know about this when my children were babies, I am told it also helps with teething pain. As it is spicy, you may need to dilute it with a carrier oil like almond or coconut--especially for babies!


My brand of choice is Doterra Clove Oil.

What You’ll Need


Easy Neither easy
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I recently had a cavity filled. My holistic dentist, Reid Winnick, Dentistry for Health in NYC, applied clove oil around my tooth prior to injecting with Novocain. I have very few cavities and this was the first time I had one filled by him. Curious, I questioned him and he explained clove oil numbs the gums. AND it worked! I barely felt the needle.


About a week later, my son complained of a tooth ache and I suggested applying some clove oil and again, it worked. The pain went away and in his case, stayed away. But, I can't say clove oil treats an underlying condition. It is a band aid, but fortunately it seems my son did not have an underlying issue.

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Lara Birgit
By Lara Birgit
60 - Community Member
1 year ago

Also just swishing cloves in your mouth for a minute or so really improves bad breath or that garlicky smell

Darlene Ryan
By Darlene Ryan
15 - Community Member
1 year ago

I use dōTERRA clove oil every time I go to the dentist! It really works! 😁