Marma Point Therapy releases blocked energy in the body

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Marma Point Therapy releases blocked energy in the body
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How It Works

Marma Point therapy is what I use to keep my body tuned up and in balance. The Marma points are electromagnetic fields that originate from the subtle body. Marmas are meeting points between consciousness and matter through which prana, life force energy flows. Stress tightens the physical body and constricts the subtle energy flow thru these points. Through manipulation of the marma lines, your mental and physical energy can be increased and redirected in a transformative matter.

Marma is a perfect compliment to your yoga practice, it can relieve tension that is too deep for yoga poses to reach. It can also increase blood flow and healing energy to injured parts of your body, as well as opening energetic channels that can deepen your meditation experience.

I have used Marma therapy to heal many injuries and to overcome unconscious emotional patterning that was preventing me from living my best life.


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I learned ISHTA Marma Therapy through studying with Yogiraj Alan Finger who was initiated into Mama Chikitsa by Swami Venkatesananda.

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Maggie Dunham
By Maggie Dunham
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4 years ago

Would be helpful to explain how to do it rather than just what it is.

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