Has anyone had Epstein Barr? Remedies? Doctors?

Super exhausted from Epstein Barr!


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Nutmeg Aspirin
By Nutmeg Aspirin
240 - Explorer
3 months ago

Hi Pamela, we asked our Instagram community if they had any tips to share. Here are some responses... hope you find something that works for you!

Mara Landis
By Mara Landis
920 - Contributor
3 months ago

Many people swear by Anthony William's book. He is known as the Medical Medium and he has a lot to say about Epstein Bar and how to treat with diet and supplements.

Pamela Ellison
By Pamela Ellison
25 - Community Member
4 months ago


Heidi Sloane
By Heidi Sloane
705 - Contributor
4 months ago

I was suffering from Epstein Barr and some auto-immune issues back in 2011-2012. Weekly intravenous Vitamin C helped. I also did bloodwork and cut out all the foods that the results suggested I was allergic or intolerant to...