I am suffering from depression since as long as i can remember....a major depressive disorder i what they call. I am tired of taking anti depressants. Do you people have any suggestions to overcome my illness?


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Nutmeg Aspirin
By Nutmeg Aspirin
275 - Explorer
7 months ago

Hi there – we asked our Instagram and Facebook community to weigh in and share their tips for managing depression. Here's a roundup of their responses. We hope one or more of their suggestions will work for you too.

Erin Nicole
By Erin Nicole
25 - Community Member
7 months ago

Thank you for your transparency! I too am diagnosed with that and have found exercise especially running alone to be pretty therapeutic. A couple years ago I worked at a psychiatric hospital with patients that were very depressed and I created a program for them combining journaling and discussion along with group exercise. The journal includes open ended questions I wrote to help move them towards happiness. If you’d like you can have a free copy here: AffirmQueen.Com/Journal

Stacie Fisher
By Stacie Fisher
65 - Community Member
8 months ago

I feel for you and understand where you are coming from. There are many modalities for handling mental health aside from meds. I have to caution though, please have a trusted doctor monitor/supervise if you are considering med changes. I work at a non profit one of my best friends founded after his own two year battle with mental health issues. Please visit us at weareallalittlecrazy.org where it has amazing resources, practitioners and many others who share in your battle. A great resource is Dr Richard Brown and his work with breathing/game changer. Sometimes the simplest things make a huge impact. If you have any questions feel free to co text me at stacie@weareallalittlecrazy.org. You are not alone and hope is possible. I encourage you to always keep searching for the tools that will specifically heal you.

Mara Landis
By Mara Landis
1300 - Community Leader
8 months ago

I feel for you. Several suggestions. First, research Dr. Kelly Brogan. She works with people to get them off meds and then rebalances the microbiome through diet and supplements. (research shows depression is caused by what is happening in the gut). And search through the Topic Calm on Nutmeg as there are many tips shared by community members that can help. One of my favorites is the blessing technique. Sending you good vibes.