What are some tips for seasonal allergies?


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Nutmeg Aspirin
By Nutmeg Aspirin
190 - Community Member
4 days ago

Hi Donielle – We asked our Instagram followers to help us respond to your question with tips for seasonal allergies. Here's a roundup of their responses. Hope you find something that works for you!

Heidi Sloane
By Heidi Sloane
650 - Explorer
1 week ago

Acupuncture used to help me get through allergy season. Also: rinse out your nose with water after spending time outdoors! My acupuncturist recommended this. You don't need any equipment just clean water and your hands. You cup one hand, fill it with water, and then kind of snort the water up into your nostril (gently so it doesn't hurt!), and then push it out with a hard exhale.