Coconut and Avocado Oil Treatment To Help Damaged Hair


How It Works

I have to make a post about this, it's like I've witnessed a miracle!


A few days ago I used box-dye to color my hair which isn't something I normally do but needed my grey covered asap and no time/money to go to a salon. The result was straw-like texture and the damage was 100% apparent. I couldn't even run my fingers thru my hair. And I couldn't even "smooth" out all of the frizziness with an iron.


Last night I used "Carrington Farms Coconut & Avocado Blend" oil which is a blend of coconut and avocado oil, and put it all over my head (I would guesstimate somewhere around 2-2.5ish tablespoons) I just applied it and combed it thru but made sure the ends were saturated, and covered my head with a cap and slept in it. Washed it out after 12hrs (washed normally with my everyday shampoo followed by conditioner) and WOW it is crazy how much it has improved. The texture has improved 100%, my hair feels completely normal. As far as how it looks I'd say like 90% improved. I don't even feel like I have to take an iron to it to smooth it out.


If your hair ever looks/feels damaged from coloring or heat-styling etc I HIGHLY recommend trying this. I am sure you could even just make a mask from coconut oil and avocado. I just used this because I had it at home.

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Jamie Ferrell
By Jamie Ferrell
940 - Ambassador
6 years ago

So happy you shared! Thank you! I can't wait to try.

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