Magnesium Infusions Stop Migraines

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How It Works

I suffer from migraines and just tried a magnesium infusion (done by dr). Worked miraculously well at stopping my migraine and all associated symptoms. Have others tried this?


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A neurologist recommended it.

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Diana Shoolman
By Diana Shoolman
130 - Explorer
3 years ago

Did you have any ill side effects from this? I have heard of this and have been thinking of trying it. I know the oral route can cause diahreah if one uses too much and was told the infusion form does not as it bypassed the gut. Which form of Magnesium did you try? And did you have to do more than one?

Jamie Ferrell
By Jamie Ferrell
940 - Ambassador
5 years ago

Very interesting! Thank you for sharing. I've only taken magnesium orally, and it sometimes causes some serious digestive issues. Did you notice a stomach ache afterward?

Rachael Peters
By Rachael Peters
55 - Community Member
5 years ago

Oh that's too bad. Yes I've heard of that as a side effect but didn't experience. I would still try it if you are experiencing debilitating headaches as at least you'll know if it works if that is a worthwhile side effect.

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