Alkaline hacks?

I want to have a more alkaline diet but I love vinegary/pickled foods, alcohol and coffee! Does anyone know hacks to help make the transition easier?


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Nicole Re
By Nicole Re
70 - Community Member
5 years ago

Hi Cristi,

Have you tried fermented probiotic rich foods? There is a tea called teeccino its really yummy. My suggestion is to try meditation as well. Ask yourself when your in meditation why you want the things you want. Are they soothing to you? What is it about these things that you cant give up? Perhaps its the warmth of the coffee or the ritual in the morning? Maybe your needing energy and a cleaner energy would be more nourishing. Maybe you just need rest! Is alcohol a social thing? Maybe find something you love in the way of a hobby that feeds that social need. I think you get where I am coming from. If something isnt serving you then why have it in your life? Its a personal question that I am sure you know the answer to. I wish you healing and health.

Ceci Jayo
By Ceci Jayo
240 - Explorer
5 years ago

Try adding baking soda to your coffee! I haven't tried it yet but I should! Apparently there are lots of benefits along with neutralizing the pH levels to make it less acidic:

Heidi Sloane
By Heidi Sloane
1040 - Community Leader
5 years ago

In the morning before eating, drink some warm (or hot) water with lemon or lime juice and/or drink a diluted shot of raw apple cider vinegar ("with the mother"). I prefer warm water with lemon or lime but will do the ACV drink when I'm out of citrus. ACV, lemon juice and lime juice all help balance your pH to be more alkaline. If you like vinegary foods, try swapping your other vinegars out for raw ACV, I think it's the only one that isn't "acid-forming" and actually has the opposite effect. As for your coffee, switch to cold brewed coffee – it is 65-70% less acidic than regular (hot-brewed) coffee.

Cristi Jayo
By Cristi Jayo
300 - Contributor
5 years ago

Thanks Heidi! I started doing the ACV drink and I’m all about it. Kind of kombucha-esque 😊🙌