How can we neutralize internal pH?

A friend is battling cancer and is looking for ways to neutralize/balance his body's pH. I recommended drinking apple cider vinegar diluted with water every morning... any other suggestions? What else can he/we do to neutralize internal pH? What has worked for you?


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Alyssia Sadé
By Alyssia Sadé
15 - Community Member
6 months ago

You need to Alkalize the body, we bought a Kangen water machine but this is expensive (although the best thing we invested in)
Kangen water Ioniser website is

And the the best videos are on the blog page

What is cancer explained
 A great 2min very simple video

killing cancer not people :

Brain tumour testimonial

Diet is also key to Alkalizing the body too, My husband and Sister, both healed from Cancer cut out Dairy, all processed sugar and processed foods, he ate mainly a vegetarian diet with a little fish or chicken, he had no shop bought juices unless he saw them being juiced and knew they were fresh with nothing added. No white flour or white potatoes, we switched to sweet potatoes while he had cancer but he has gotten used to eating this way and has stayed on this path, he cut out alcohol but now has the odd glass of red wine. We only use coconut oil for cooking. It is the only oil which is ok to use at a high temperature, olive oil is good when cold on salads. He eats only raw nuts, nothing roasted flavored or salted.. he eats dates and figs and fruit instead of pastries and deserts. It is a complete lifestyle change but one which can be maintained, and one where you can also maintain a good healthy weight and lose those cravings that used to rule your life.

Mara Landis
By Mara Landis
815 - Explorer
8 months ago

Warm water with lemon and baking soda in the morning. Also add baking soda to coffee. It neutralizes the acidity of coffee.

Heidi Sloane
By Heidi Sloane
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8 months ago

Thanks! How much baking soda should go into the warm water and lemon? 1 tsp? 1 tbs?

Mara Landis
By Mara Landis
815 - Explorer
7 months ago

I do a pinch.