Morning Sickness Magic Cures?

Anyone who has been sick during pregnancy knows that it should be called "all day sickness"! I'm currently in the first trimester of my second pregnancy and getting rocked with nausea, vomiting, and overall blah. I was also sick during my entire first pregnancy but just dealt with it.

So, do you have any tips or tricks that worked for you? My midwife recommended Unisom (an OTC sleep aid) coupled with frequent small doses of B6. I prefer not to take Unisom because there have been no controlled studies on pregnant women. I'd love to hear any advice!


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By Bronia
310 - Contributor
5 years ago

I haven't tested this with morning sickness, but Nauzene is an awesome over the counter chewable medicine that I take when I'm having nausea and vomiting. Obviously you can't use this all the time, but it might be worth keeping in your bag for when you start feeling sick when you're out in public. It works super fast, and you can take it every 15 minutes!