What's the best food to eat before a workout?

I used to workout on an empty stomach, but now I don't feel so great when I do that. What's your favorite energizing food to eat before a workout?


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Heidi Sloane
By Heidi Sloane
980 - Ambassador
3 weeks ago

I try to eat 2 hours before (usually oatmeal or chia pudding with fruit and nuts) so that I have time to digest before. But if you don't have time for that, maybe try just a few cashews? One of my Bikram yoga teachers suggested people eat (very specifically lol) 5 cashews before class if they don't wake up early enough to eat and digest a proper breakfast.

Jamie Ferrell
By Jamie Ferrell
940 - Ambassador
2 weeks ago

Interesting! I'll give it a go. Thanks!